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Most frequently asked questions and answers

Not for our Club memberships, in order to keep things affordable for our members. Horses are owned by the Company Directors of 360 Racing Ltd., or are leased to the Club for the enjoyment of our members at no additional cost, as per our terms and conditions.

Syndicate members will enjoy syndicate shared ownership, separate terms and conditions will apply. 

We endeavour to have a minimum of one horse racing Under Rules and one in Point to Point (but it’s ususally more), plus our broodmare and associated youngstock and any ownership syndicates. The numbers of horses in the Club will be subject to change, as per the world of racehorses.

There are no extra costs for the Club horses for members above the subscription fees, excluding any horses in our ownership syndicates. It is the responsibility of the Club Directors/relevant horse owners to ensure all racing fees, administration, veterinary/stud fees and running costs for the horses are paid. 

Our point to point horses are trained by Claire Hart Oand Julie Wadland. Our under rules trainer is Martin Keighley. Different trainers may be involved for our syndicate horses.

All decisions concerning the Club and syndicate horses will be made by the Club Directors, horse trainers and owners where applicable. In all cases the welfare of our horses always takes precedence and any decisions re racing and welfare are always made in their best interest.

We always provide a limited number of owners badges for Club horses on Under Rules racedays according to the number allocated. We will ask members to register their interest for specific fixtures, due to the way declarations work this may be at very short notice. In cases of numbers being oversubscribed we will do everything we can to make sure there is an impartial allocation of owners badges, by rota system or ballot. We know this is a big part of the fun so will make every effort to obtain the maximum number of badges possible and to negotiate reduced price entry wherever we can for non-badge holders. Please click here for more details on ownership syndicates.

We will endeavour to provide free or reduced entry tickets for p2p racedays depending on attendance numbers. For Under Rules racedays where admission tickets are restricted/limited, members will have to pay for entry tickets although we will always try to negotiate reduced rates.

Any prize money won by Club horses will be re-invested into the Club towards costs and members benefits. Prize money won by Club Syndicate horses will be shared by syndicate members on a pro rata basis, for more information on syndicates, click here

We’ve made it easy! All subscriptions are paid automatically once you have registered online via our JOIN UP page. Payments are made with a debit or credit card through our secure online payment provider. 

No, memberships are renewed automatically. Monthly memberships are charged monthly on a recurring basis. Annual memberships work on a 12 month basis but as a thank you we give you one month free! 

We offer reduced cost joint subscriptions on a monthly or annual basis for two people from the same household. Sign up for 12 months and also enjoy one month free!

Though we’ll be very sorry to see you go, you can cancel at any time for monthly subscriptions by dropping us an email. If you want to rejoin we’ll be delighted to welcome you back, though we hope you’ll only want to do this once as you missed us so much! For annual subscriptions you can cancel any time after 12 months from registration. In special circumstances to pause or cancel an annual membership just drop us an email and we’ll always try to help, see our Terms and Conditions.

It is our mission to provide all Club members with a great experience. As we are starting out we of course want as many members as possible to allow us to fund as much action and provide the maximum value for money as we can. In the case of oversubscription to events, we may need to split events or restrict numbers to maintain the best level of enjoyment for our members, including minimum number events for people that do not wish to attend as part of a larger crowd. Syndicate memberships will be limited to specific numbers of shares as outlined in each case.

No, our aim is to always make Club events for our members free of charge. Yard and gallops visits will be free with refreshments provided. Some extra days out/special events may incur an additional charge, i.e. for optional meals, transport etc. Where spaces for specific events are limited they may be ticketed at no cost on a first come/first served basis if levels of interest are high.

Yes in some cases, though our members will always take priority we will try to accomodate guests for a small additional charge, depending on the event. The relevant information will always be available on the events page.