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The full circle

Magic: back in pre-training

Our Magic is back in work after his holiday. We think he’s put just the right amount of weight on during his relatively short break and is looking great. He’s been back on the walker for about 10 days and then lots of trotting/cantering in the school, video below. This is always part of Claire’s regime during pre-training, lots of conditioning work in the school and some hacking out round the woods, so he will be more than ready to start cantering when he goes back to Keighley Racing in August.

Martin will do some schooling with him whilst getting him fit to go over hurdles, hopefully we’ll get a couple of runs early in the season. As Claire says in the video, we will see what we’ve got on the track and would like to see some results by Christmas. We know he’s a racehorse and we know he’ll be able to stay all day, so plenty of other options if things don’t catch fire Under Rules.