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The full circle thoroughbred experience

Magic: schooling with Sam

Myfanwy’s Magic continued his training today with some jumping over hurdles in the school. He’s been doing some cantery work around the headlands and trotting around the woods to build up strength and fitness.

Claire has been out from riding for a few days with a back injury so Sam Canning has been coming in to ride out for us, so we got him in the school with Magic to put him through his paces today. Sam was very positive, got the measure of his quirkiness straight away – “ah this one’s a bit of an eejit” – and reported that he felt good, wanting to go longer and faster and he is clever about his jumping. This is where Magic excels and it was lovely to see Sam not giving him any time to think about other stuff and have some fun. We’ve tried to talk Sam into coming out of retirement but to no avail, for one thing he can’t be bothered with the diet!

Next stop Claire will step up the cantering work, starting out on the gallops next week.