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Nickolson: training update

We are sorry to report that Nico has picked up an injury and will be out for the rest of the pointing season. Luckily it is a relatively minor tendon issue, with no explanation as to how he may have done it. As we know with horses, no matter how much one cares and does everything right these things can just happen. Julie was very quick to pick up a minor bit of heat in his leg and got him scanned as an extra precautionary measure and we are very grateful to her for that. She and her vet have concluded that despite the possibilty of getting him back for the end of the season, considering his welfare above all else along with current weather conditions etc. it would make no sense to risk anything further at this stage that may comprimise him for next season.

As you can see from above pic, he is very well and still being a character keeping warm in the cold weather! Julie reports that he will be back on the walker for gentle exercise after box rest and though the poor boy cannot understand why he can’t go racing the good news is he is absolutely fine in himself. 

We are obviously disappointed for our members as we were hoping for a few more outings with Nico this season and of course for Julie, especially after her double and our brilliant win first time out at Hexham. However, we can all be excited for next season as he is such a lovely horse and no doubt will give us more great days out – and also proud that we managed to make the National Point-to-Point Championships with a picture of Nico and the top jockey Jack on board!

We will keep everyone updated and if anyone would like to see Nico at Julie’s whilst he is on his break please get in touch, we are more than happy to organise a visit.