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The full circle thoroughbred experience

Ruby Russet is home

We were delighted to collect Ruby and mum Rosemary Russet from Batsford Stud today. Both are doing well and it’s lovely to have them back at Hailstone. They will initially spend a couple of days in and will then go out in the field during the day, back in at night. Rosie has been covered by Passing Glance so we will know in a few weeks if she is back in foal. We are happy either way, if she is not she won’t go back to be re-covered as it will too late and she can have a year off and we go again next spring, which will give us the option of a re-think as to where she goes. A Passing Glance foal first time will also be a great result so we shall see. 

Details will be finalised soon of our foal syndiate and there will be a reduced buy-in for ownership shares just for club members.