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360 Racing Club - terms and conditions

Last updated 01/06/2022

These Terms and Conditions comply with the BHA Racing Club Code of Conduct which can be viewed here 

Our contact details: 

Name: 360 Racing Club Ltd

Company Directors: Miss Claire Hart, Mrs Katherine Miller

Address: Kenton House, Oxford Street, Moreton-in-Marsh


Club Manager: Mrs Katherine Miller

Club website:

 Terms shown here – shall be hereby known as:

‘The Club’ – The 360 Racing Club

‘Member(s)’ – members as subscribed in person/online to the 360 Racing Club

‘The Club Manager’ – Manager of the 360 Racing Club

‘The Company’ – 360 Racing Club Ltd.

‘The Company Directors’ – the Directors of 360 Racing Club Ltd.


  1. By subscribing to a 360 Racing Club membership online or in person and agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, members are entering into a written contract, the same of which applies to all members for the term of the membership as set out in this document and determined by the Club Manager. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions all members are stating that they are over 18 years of age. 
  2. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, members consent to their contact details being used for marketing purposes, updates and information, soley for the benefits of members and only for the purposes of Club managment. Please see our Privacy Policy to see how personal information is stored and used. 
  3. Participation in the Club is solely for enjoyment of members, the Club does not guarantee any financial return to its members and members do not hold any ownership rights to any of the Club’s horses.
  4. The duration of the Club membership is defined by type of subscription. Pay monthly subscriptions will be for one month charged on a recurring basis. Pay annually subscriptions will be for a minimum of 12 months and will be charged on a recurring basis. Monthly memberships can be cancelled at any time and Annual memberships at any time after 12 months from initial registration, by notification to the Club Manager at above contact details. No membership fee refunds will be issued as a result of cancellation, unless under the circumstances as outlined in Condition 11 below. In the case of any special circumstances, i.e. change in personal circumstances, financial hardship, refunds will be issued at the discretion of the Club Manager.  
  5. Members paying monthly subscriptions will only be allowed to cancel their membership and rejoin the Club once within a 12 month period.
  6. The horses registered to the Club will be clearly described on the Club website at all times, these may be subject to change but members will be informed thereof. Every effort will be made to ensure the Club has one horse racing either Under Rules or at Point to Point throughout the year. As of 01/09/2023 the horses racing Under Rules/under Point to Point Rules are as follows: Myfanwy’s Magic – trained by Martin Keighley (for Under Rules entries) and Claire Hart (for Point to Point entries), Nickolson – trained by Julie Wadland (for Point to Point and Under Rules entries), Glenmount – trained by Julie Wadland (for Point to Point entries).
  7. All horses running under Club colours will be owned/part-owned by the Club or leased to the Club.
  8. Members may not sell, lease, transfer or assign their membership and any associated benefits to any third party for the duration of the membership.
  9. Costs of membership as of 01/06/2022 are as follows: 360 Monthly subscription – £35 per month on recurring basis, 360 Annual – £385 per year on recurring basis, 360 Monthly Shared – £60 per month on recurring basis, 360 Annual Shared – £660 per year on recurring basis. Annual memberships are for a minimum 12 month period and charged at the price of 11 months. Shared memberships must be shared by two members from the same household. Any non-payment may result in cancellation of the  membership at the discretion of the Club Manager. 
  10. All Club membership revenue/racing prize money will be used for the purposes of running the Club; the provision of member’s benefits, costs associated with the training and racing of Club horses and the administration of the Club. Prize money won by horses temporarily leased to the Club may have a percentage paid to the owner. Prize money won by syndicate horses will be distributed pro rata amongst Syndicate members. Full transparency of accounts can be viewed as annual accounts submitted to Companies House going forward. Any profit after running costs are deducted may be used for purchase of bloodstock purely for Club purposes and for extra Club events/benefits.
  11. Members’ benefits include online access to exclusive events/content/membership forum, regular updates, social events and yard visits. On point to point race days wherever possible, free/reduced entry tickets and refreshments will be provided. On Under Rules race days for any Club horses, in the event of oversubscription for allotted ‘owners entry’ badges, a ballot will be conducted. Every effort will always be made to ensure fair administration of ballots and allocation of badges. In some circumstances ballots may only be open to members that have not previously received badges, in the interest of fairness and at the discretion of the Club Manager. If social events are oversubscribed and for special one off days out, tickets may be available on a first come/first served basis and will be available to book through the website or via email.
  12. Members will not be responsible for any additional costs to the subscription. The Club will be responsible for all racing fees, transport costs, veterinary costs and any associated costs relating to the Club over and above the running costs. Any deficit in running costs will be the responsibility of 360 Racing Club Ltd. The Company Directors reserve the right to dissolve the Club at any time due to fall in memberships or financial circumstances and it is the responsibility of the Club Manager to inform all Club members. In the event of the termination of the Club, any outstanding membership fees will be refunded as soon as possible and within one month of the termination of the Club.
  13. The Company Directors will be responsible for all decisions relating to the management, training, racing, lease, purchase and sale of Club horses. The welfare of any Club horse will always be paramount in making these decisions.
  14. Any complaint arising in relation to membership of the Club should be made by members in writing to the Company address or via email to the above contact details.