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The full circle thoroughbred experience

winners enclosure at worcester!

We were delighted with Codey Jones’ performance at Worcester yesterday. Ok, he came 4th but we got our Club colours into the winner’s enclosure and were thrilled that his first run under rules in the Maiden Hurdle was very encouraging. He jumped really well and stayed on in the running, beaten by a couple of really smart flat horses. He was keen to go and things didn’t go entirely according to the race plan, but our jockey certainly knew what he was doing! Very pleased also for his patient and loyal owners Diane and Martin White and the mighty Sean Bowen’s feedback was very positive, see below. Thank you to Sean, always a gentleman even posing for pics for us. We were all also grateful to Martin and Belinda Keighley for their support and for prepping him so well. 

We look forward to lots of fun days out with Codey, a decision is to be made whether he will run wholly for the Club in future, but we all had a lovely evening in the sunshine and enjoyed a good supper in the Owners and Trainers bar. 

Gin and tonics may or may not have been passed between cars in the traffic jam leaving Worcester racecourse…well done Jonesy!